Are WordPress website secure from hackers?

Date : October 18, 2022 

Nowadays WordPress website is the one of most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) more than 455 million websites are powered by WordPress. As much as WordPress is increasing its popularity, a huge number of hackers are also targeting WordPress sites. No matter what kind of website you are running hackers can attack your site anytime. To make some profits, hackers will hack your site which can be very harmful to your site. 

Which reasons are the cause for hacking your sites?

There can be many reasons to hack your site. Like cheap hosting or insecure hosting can be the reason for your site hacking. Not updating your plugins and software can be the reason also. Your login details also can cause it.

There is a different intention to hack your site by the hackers but the main reason is gaining profits. They can hack your site to get user data, transmit malware, send spam emails, etc. Somehow they’re gonna gain profit from your site. It can be very harmful to your site’s reputation. You will lose your customers, money, traffic, information, and many more. You have to give a lot of time and effort to back your site and continue it. To protect your website take some effective precautions. Otherwise, you have to suffer in the long run.

Here are some effective steps to protect your site from hackers:

Choose a good Hosting Provider

To make your website safe you have to install good hosting. A good hosting provider will provide you with several security options. If you choose any cheap hosting to save money it will harm your site. It can slow down your site loading, remove your data, many more problems you will face by using any cheap hosting. Hackers also can hack your site easily if you don’t concentrate on your hosting.

Before jumping into any hosting, you have to look for which security they are providing. As like secure FTP and Firewalls. How they Monitor their server network, respond to any security fracture, etc you have to look at it before buying any hosting

If you use any low-quality cheap hosting there is a very big chance to hack your site. On the other hand, if you use any good hosting it will protect your site and also speed up your website loading, which will be very beneficial for you.

Get WordPress Security Plugins

A security plugin is very helpful to protect your website from hackers. There is a high chance of malware attacks on your website. For this, you have to regularly check your malware. A high-quality WordPress security plugin will check malware and also monitor your site all the time.

Security plugin will provide you brute-force protection against multiple random logins, firewall to block suspect traffic, and give you update security notifications. Also check your files, themes, and plugins it will provide you with a scanner. This will be very helpful for your website. You can use any good plugins for WordPress website. There are many high-quality plugins available for WordPress website. They will give you all the key features to protect your site.

Some of them are:

  • File integrity monitoring
  • Remote malware scanning
  • Security hardening
  • Post-hack security actions
  • Security notification 24/7

Use a Strong Password

To make your website secure choosing a strong password is very important. If you are using any simple password it will be very easy to hack your website within a moment for any hackers. Use such a kind of password that contains not only simple letters but also numbers, letters, and symbols. If you are using any simple password to easily remember then you should change it immediately. Any hacker can easily log in to your site without struggling.

Let’s find out which are simple passwords and which are strong passwords:

  • Simple passwords: 12345, simple123
  • Strong passwords: $1w0rdpre$$*, %$imple@4

Do not use any kind of name such as your name or one of your favorite person’s names. As we show you in the strong password column follow the same method to create your strong one. It will help you a lot by attacking any hackers.

Use Secure Login Details

Choose a typical user name. Hackers will first try to find out the username to hack your site. One of the main ways to hack your site hacker will access your automated login attempt. So that you should choose a hard user name. A username like the admin is too easy and common so they can access it easily. That’s why do not use this kind of username.

A strong password is as important to secure your site. As we discussed above, make strong passwords adding letters, numbers, and symbols altogether. Make sure your password should be a minimum of 12 characters. Adding this security to your WordPress Dashboard Login make sure your other website-related accounts also contain the same strong passwords and a typical user name. Otherwise, hackers can use your other website-related accounts to hack your site.

Install SSL certificate

Installing SSL for your website is one of the good ways to protect your site. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) works as the backbone security of your website. Any kind of login details, signups, addresses, payment details, and other personal information data will be protected by SSL.

Without SSL all conversations between your customer’s web browser and the web server can be readable by hackers. All your and your user’s sensitive information will be encrypted by SSL. It will give your site an extra layer of security protection. Your customers also can comfortably work with you if you install an SSL certificate. If your site transfers sensitive information then you must use SSL. Through this, your information will be safe. No outsider can read your conversation except those who do not have the same code.

These are some precautions you can take to protect your site. It is very important to make your website safe. Hope this article will help you.

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