WordPress Cracked or pirated themes

Date : October 18, 2021 

Let's talk about WordPress Cracked or pirated themes.

One of the most popular CMS in the web design world today is WordPress. Simple interface, easy to customize and a myriad of resources such as plugins and themes available online for WordPress. So the popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day. WordPress accounts for 36% of all CMS websites in the world today. Can be thought of. Imagine there are hundreds of thousands of CMS, there are custom CMS, there are sites built with bootstrap or HTML only. Of these, 36 percent are owned by WordPress. This number is even higher if you think of CMS.

The demand for WordPress themes is increasing day by day and the demand for WordPress themes and plugins is increasing. Different companies and developers are also making all kinds of feature rich themes and plugins to meet the needs of the users. Whether it is ecommerce or news portal, WordPress themes and plugins have all the features, designs, layouts.

So at the beginning of web design, we leaned towards finding themes and plugins that are compatible with my needs. There are free themes for WordPress online on one side and premium themes on the other side. Many marketplaces have been built based on these premium themes. Of these, Theme Forest is the most popular. There are many feature and design rich themes and plugins available in Theme Forest. Depending on the features and design, the various WordPress themes are priced at 50-63 dolor. In Bangladeshi taka it stands at 4-5 thousand taka.

A Google search for many popular themes shows that they are being downloaded for free on various sites and used on the site. So we also lean towards all these pirated themes to save 4-5 thousand taka.

But the question is how safe are all these pirated themes or plugins? Today we will try to know the details about this.

How safe are free themes/ pirated themes?

All themes and plugins downloaded in the official directory of WordPress are safe. You can download the themes of the official directory of WordPress and use them on your site by downloading directly from this link or by installing by searching Appearance> Themes> Add New from the WordPress dashboard. However, you must make sure that the chosen theme is recently updated. If the theme has not been updated for many years, then the theme is more likely to have vernacularity. This type of theme is not safe for your site.

Free themes outside of the official site are also not secure. Most of these have backdoor and backlinks inserted.

How secure are cracked / nulled pirated WordPress themes and plugins?

Many of us use pirated or cracked theme sites to save money. Many also leave the client's work with a pirated theme. Google installs the theme on the site that works well.

But all these pirated themes and plugins are 100% insecure. Backdoor is injected in almost all themes. Backdoor is a kind of PHP code. Which may be injected into the code of various files in your theme or may be a separate PHP file. Under normal circumstances, it is very difficult to find this backdoor in so many codes. Even if you are a PHP expert, it is still hard to find. Because a WordPress theme has a lot of PHP files and code. With the help of this backdoor, hackers can easily get access to your cpanel. Get access to all the files in the special cpanel. It's kind of like a file manager. If the hacker's backdoor is uploaded to your site, it will allow the hacker to login to your cPanel and access any file, edit, delete or do whatever he wants.

Knowingly using the crack theme on the site means inviting the hacker to your site and voluntarily giving the site access to the hacker. Neo Dad, I handed over my site to you, now you run as you wish.

If you have multiple sites in your cipanel and you have used crack theme on only a few sites then the rest of your sites will also be affected.

From previous experience, when a hacker gains access to your site through crack theme use on the site, he first spreads his backdoors to other files and folders on the site so that even if you change and delete the theme later, the hacker's backdoor remains on your site. And hackers don't take any action with crack theme upload. In this case they wait many months so that their backdoor goes even inside the backup of your site.

It is seen that after about 5-6 months, hackers start using your hosting. In most cases hackers do no harm to your original site. And thus sets the backdoors so that you do not understand from the outside.

The main purpose of all these hackers is to use your hosting and site for your own needs. So even if the site is under the control of a hacker, you can never understand from the outside that your site has been hacked. But as a hosting provider we understand these. Basically what a hacker does is hacks the site in this way.

Suddenly it appears that mail spamming started from the cipanel account using the crack theme and the hacker started marketing various emails. In most cases marketing pornography or adult dating sites.
Sometimes it is seen that phishing is done from one of the sub folders or files inside the site. Phishing is targeted at various sites including Amazon, Apple, Netflix.

Suddenly searching the site Google, you may see that the links of various Chinese writings are also showing in the links of your site. Google Webmaster Tools also indexes various Chinese links. These are basically backlinks to your hosting by uploading different pages or landing pages or using them as work landing pages or redirect pages.

In addition to the points mentioned above, hackers use your hosting account as they wish. Understand the results, your site's rankings can be fatal to Google. Google may blacklist your site or domain as a phishing or spammy site. Many times you may have noticed that when you enter a site, the whole page shows a warning message in a red background. This domain is marked as Google Phishing.

One thing to keep in mind, your site is not worth just 4-5 thousand taka. Your site is worth a lot. This site may be your livelihood. This site may change your life. So you are wasting the future of the whole site by saving only 4-5 thousand taka.

And those who are creating a site with a crack theme for the clients, maybe the client does not understand. But you have deceived yourself. Because your stomach is running on that client's money.

Rather take a little more budget if necessary. The client will not work? No need, Nick from where it will be reduced. You can be sure that you will get the job. If the quality of your work is right, you will get the job.

Some precautions

I have seen many clients buy premium themes using the main site. But maybe you are making a site with sub domain and installing crack theme and running the practice. Caught playing here. I have said before that using a crack theme on one of your sites means that all the sites in that cpanel become infected.

I have heard many people say that they are using a premium theme. Yes, that's the theme. But in the light of our experience, when you don't sit down and crack your theme, many people don't admit that they have taken it from their friend. Bought by his friend.

What happens in this case, my friend may catch a cracked theme that he has downloaded for a long time.
Many friends may come and sit down and give him a theme. It can be seen that despite the reluctance, the theme has to be given.

Use the theme that is your own purchase and purchase from your own account. Exclude themes bought by friends, themes bought by such and such or received from such and such.

Lately I see 4000+ themes available on Facebook for ড 9, buy 3000 premium themes for ৪ 4 and see sponsored ads.

Stay 100 hands away from these. Make a simple calculation in your mind. If each theme costs an average of ড 40, then the price of 4000 themes is 1 lakh 60 thousand dollars. How many people will invest by investing so much money and selling it for 4-9 dollars? Then there is the cost of sponsored ads, then there is no profit.

Crack theme collection is buying you with money. Report this type of ad to Facebook. Keep reporting regularly, see if it will come in line one time.

At the end of the day, I would like to say that even if you spend some money, buy a premium theme and use it. If not possible, use a free directory theme. There are also many free themes that are rich in features close to premium themes. I will post on how to find a theme in the future and choose a theme based on what topics. Until then, everyone will be much better.

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